Machines and Devices

Networked manufacturing

Making profitable use of interfaces between machines, devices and the ERP system saves system breaks and enables smooth production processes. The Internet of Things establishes the connection between intelligent devices and lets them communicate.

Integrated processes

End-to-end networking of processes

With the fourth industrial revolution as a driver, end-to-end networking of individual process steps continues to advance. To take advantage of these digital opportunities, it's up to us to enable your devices to send data where it's needed. From production controlling to quality management, integrated value chains show considerable potential. A machine on the production line receives specifications from the customer order, the execution is controlled by sensors and reported back as scrap in case of deviation. The collected data is then reported back, and serial and batch numbers are assigned to ensure traceability.

Meaningful data exchange

Now, not every single piece of information should be exchanged just because it is technically possible. In a benefit analysis of your processes combined with your machine/device landscape, we work with you to determine where information exchange makes sense and is beneficial, and where analysis functions need to be built in. We take a holistic view from the small tool to the large production line and provide the necessary software components. Technically, all machine integration considerations are based on the following components:

  1. a PLC/PLC controller
  2. an OPC server for data collection and distribution
  3. a middleware (SAP Plant Connectivity)
  4. if required, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Your Contact Person

Günther Müller
Head of Integration

Rheinwaldstraße 38
78628 Rottweil


Tel.: 0741 / 17 44 16-600
Fax: 0741 / 17 44 16-669

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