Modular and flexible structure

Modular and flexible structure

Thanks to the modular structure of Advanced Manufacturing, the scope of the solution can be flexibly adapted to requirements. As a result, exactly those functions that are necessary are activated individually. It goes without saying that subsequent adaptation during operation is possible at any time. Furthermore, the entire product can be customized via configuration and control tables without programming or modification, like the definition of different barcode types for easy data acquisition. This enables the system to interpret barcodes with different information and to return the required data to the application.

Available modules

Core module

Basic functions like

  • Logon and logoff of users (also possible via personnel number)
  • Worklist per workstation or selection variant
  • Display of
    • order header data
    • operation data
    • Components (operation-related and comprehensive), incl. missing parts
    • Serial numbers
  • Display and storage of notes and attachments
  • Recording and filing of images
  • Display of customer specific information

Capture of
production data

  • Display of operation long text
  • Feedback of production times via
    • time ticket
    • Time event
    • Target=actual (via time ticket)
  • Reporting of production quantities (yield, scrap and rework quantity), incl. confirmation reason and text
  • Tracking of confirmations on serial number level
  • Exchange of the TARGET work center to ACTUAL work center within hierarchies
    • at every confirmation
    • with every operation confirmation
    • once per operation
    • Activation of single or parallel use

Manufacturing logistics

  • Different applications, specially designed to meet the needs of production supply:
    • Assignment of batches to component items
    • Booking of goods issues for components
    • KANBAN overview, including the possibility of status management and changeover
    • Posting of unplanned component consumption
  • Integrated stock and batch determination
  • Display of status by color coding of component positions

quality management

  • Confirmation of inspections during production
    • Individual results
    • Summarized characteristic recording
    • Automatic and manual measured value assessment
    • Recording of test equipment
  • Creation of fault messages
    • Very simple and fast creation of a message
    • Automatic transfer of production data
    • Definition of the possible message types


  • Creation of equipment structures
  • Acceleration of the acquisition by scanning process
  • Multi-level resolution and display of equipment structure
  • Display of status by color coding of component positions
  • Existing barcodes and labels can be used without adjustments

Business documents

  • Display of documents for
    • Order header
    • Bill of material
    • Work process
  • Display of the document in integrated and separate windows possible
  • Playback of videos
  • Display of CAD drawings


  • Integration template for the connection of external
    • test systems
    • calibration programs
    • Labeling processes (label and label management software)
  • Connection of machines and sensors (MDC) via standardized interfaces
  • Customer- or application-specific features are possible

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