SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

SAP's cloud-based reporting and planning solution

Digitalization ensures an ever-growing volume of data and opens up completely new possibilities for data analysis and planning. By using the SAP Analytics Cloud, you create a central platform for all critical questions relating to your company, which can be answered both on a day-to-day basis and for strategic planning. Collaboration, AI-supported decisions, self-service, and much more are combined in the SAP Analytics Cloud in just one BI tool.

Get the best out of your data!

Central reporting and planning solution

  • Efficient reporting and planning with high user experience
  • Seamless linking of cross-module sub-plans
  • Real-time reporting guarantees up-to-date data
  • AI-powered decision support for predictive analytics

Control of the business

  • Monitoring of critical business processes
  • On-the-fly reporting and self-service for flexible data analysis
  • Full process control through integrated authorization concepts
  • Collaborative work based on the integrated calendar function

Expansion of a uniform SAP strategy

  • Integration of data models via CDS views, queries and other external sources
  • Single source of truth in one system
  • Data security through connection to the SAP cloud

Looking to the future

  • Planning as an essential building block for future alignment
  • SAC as a central platform for collaborative data analysis and planning
  • Simulation of various what-if scenarios
  • New possibilities for enterprise reporting using the Digital Boardroom

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