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Production data at a glance

While certain tasks around manufacturing have been automated and machine sensors have become common in the industry, there is still a big gap when it comes to digitalization. Although sensors are used to collect significant amounts of information, the reality often reveals an organically grown landscape of manufacturer-specific, independent machine sections, and differentiated plant areas.

Often, it is even entire factories that do not share essential data – although this is urgently needed to provide the decisive industry advantage.

Advanced Intelligent Enterprise


The manufacturing industry is facing a looming labor shortage, as not only a generation filled with skills is about to enter the age of retirement, but the long-term survival of their business is forcing them to reduce headcounts / limit the amount of staff actively working on the field. 

This leads not only to a decrease in technical know-how, but also to a dwindling understanding for the process requirements of the present and the future.



With our production intelligence solution, manufacturers for the first time ever have a central, cloud-based platform, where their very heterogeneous landscape of automated and semi-automated systems can deliver data to. 

Once here, the data can be normalized and transformed into a Single Point of Truth, with clear definitions for integration for systems and sub-systems. 

Scaling up environments suddenly becomes a much easier task and the conception of growth switches from a logistical challenge over to a strategical conversation. The local and regional workload on resources is lightened and cross-border collaboration and decision making is much better supported. 

Production Intelligence provides machine data connection and the merging production data with ERP

Your Advantages


Full overview and transparency with SAP production evaluation (production reporting) and OEE reporting

  • A clear, central and transparent view on relevant data
  • Independence from brands and manufacturers
  • Faster decision making and a reduced time to market thanks to a single Source of Truth
  • New perspectives on Manufacturing / Production Controlling thanks to AI-based planning and OEE simulation scenarios
  • Easy transition to Industry 4.0 and switch towards IoT and fully digitalized production sites


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