Ship paperless and connected via web service

by integrating your shipping providers with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. With Advanced Shipping, your system is connected to the service provider via web service. The tracking number, the freight costs and the shipping label are thus always up-to-date. A daily closing to transfer the data to the service provider is no longer necessary. 

Supported CEP and
freight service providers

Stay flexible!

Advantages of our Advanced Shipping Cloud Solution

Only one connection

from the ERP to the cloud solution and thus only one SSL certificate is necessary.


We take care

of the connections to the service provider. You only need to approve the Advanced Shipping URL.

Less care

You only need to monitor one SSL certificate and with a long runtime.

Technical connections

to the desired service providers are already available.


Quicker testing

The implementation time of the cloud solution is shorter for you.

New forwarders

are available without further transports. For this we do not need to implement anything on your ERP.

New web service versions

from the service provider. No adjustments are necessary.

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