Advanced Shipping

Efficiency is king

The solution for efficient packaging and shipping processes in SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA with direct integration of CEP and freight service providers.

Advanced Shipping enables the customer to establish a central connection to the major CEP and freight service providers without having to implement provider-dependent solutions. Based on SAP standard functionalities, the user utilizes Advanced Shipping like the SAP transactions he is familiar with. The solution is available both as Advanced Shipping on Premise and as Advanced Shipping Cloud.

Your benefits with Advanced Shipping

Seamless integration with SAP CEP Connection and SAP service provider connection

  • Based directly on SAP standard functionalities
  • Connection to all major CEP and freight service providers
  • Complete integration with SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA and SAP EWM
  • Integration with Track & Trace and confirmations of arrival
  • Our tools:
    • SAP CEP Connection
    • SAP service provider connection 
    • SAP DHL Integration
    • SAP DPD Integration
    • SAP UPS Integration
    • SAP FedEx Integration

Dynamic and flexible: simple SAP Shipping Processing and SAP Packaging Process

  • Available as on premise and cloud versions
  • No additional infrastructure necessary
  • Central solution for any number of shipping points worldwide

Optimized processes for your SAP Shipping Processing:

  • Dynamic freight cost optimization
  • Mobile picking and packing processes
  • Efficient auditing
  • Tracking with our solution for SAP Track and Trace
  • Packing table automation for packing lines

Supported CEP and
freight service providers

Stay flexible!

Advantages of our Advanced Shipping Cloud Solution

Only one connection

from the ERP to the cloud solution and thus only one SSL certificate is necessary.


We take care

of the connections to the service provider. You only need to approve the Advanced Shipping URL.

Less care

You only need to monitor one SSL certificate and with a long runtime.

Technical connections

to the desired service providers are already available.


Quicker testing

The implementation time of the cloud solution is shorter for you.

New forwarders

are no effort. We don't need to implement anything on your ERP system.

New web service versions

from the service provider. No adjustments are necessary.

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Medical Technology


Plastic Manufacturers


Mechanical Engineering




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