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Data Analytics enables you to get an overview of important data through modern analysis tools - without any effort. Individuality and integration are fully exploited by the possibility to merge different complex processes into a holistic and flexibly adaptable solution. Analytics thus enables you to access data at any time and without effort, regardless of location. The user-friendly interface administers and visualizes all necessary data in one step, at a glance.

Decision-relevant evaluated data available at any time

ONE environment for ALL information -

The SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Access global data via one user interface
  • Cloud and On-Permise Integration
  • Integration with SAP-based and non-SAP-based systems/existing systems

Data retention

SAP Analytics Cloud

The data is accessible via data centres with SSL encryption. This ensures mobility, security and flexibility at all times. Planned and actual data are available in real time everywhere - on the road and in the home office.



Analytics tools make use of state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. The forecasting functions are based on state-of-the-art trends and also show correlations that would be impossible or only with a great deal of manual analysis effort. These correlations can be presented and examined with the help of clearly arranged dashboards with drill-down functionality.

Numerous fields

of application

Smartly prepared data is necessary to make the right decisions. Analytics can be used individually for analysis, reporting and forecasting in almost all areas of a company. By automating the logical illustration and its management, scattered, important data is collected and thus becomes much more meaningful. With the insight and transparency that analytics with SAP provides, decisions can be made more consciously and efficiently - and the time saved can be invested for value-added activities.

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SAP Analytics Cloud

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