Planning solution for business users and Excel heroes

Progressive digitalization is changing business processes in all departments. What used to be the task of IT and the finance department is now part of day-to-day business for all departments: constantly growing mountains of data have to be processed, evaluated and prepared into reports and forecasts in ever shorter time. But classic enterprise performance management solutions are often associated with high investment costs and a great dependence on IT specialists and external consultants.

Flexible analyses and high-performance planning

Integrated reporting and planning processes

  • Automated data collection as a basis for reporting
  • Merging of various data sources and / or sub-plans

Control of the company

  • Monitoring of processes through the use of exception dashboards
  • Automated notifications in case of outliers

Full transparency

  • Cross-system and cross-process KPIs as a basis for control
  • Single source of truth in one system
  • Uncovering correlations and dependencies between a wide variety of data

View into the future

  • Planning as a central element for focusing on the future
  • Building a wide variety of what-if analyses and scenario comparisons

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