BI Ready to Run

THE standardized data basis for your BI system

Imagine a perfect system where you no longer have to worry about the database in your reporting: conversions to base units of measure, complex ETL processes, currency conversions - all that is a thing of the past with BI Ready to Run from Advanced Applications.

Competitive advantages through insights

One database – many competitive advantages

  • SAP data integration: Pre-calculation and merging of data already directly in SAP
  • One Ready to Run available per SAP module
  • BI Data basis: Fast start-up due to standardized and tested data source

No more complex ETL processes

  • With our SAP BI extract, we deliver an SAP BI interface and put an end to your search for an ETL tool for SAP.
  • Logic for e.g. currency or quantity conversions directly in SAP
  • Use of SAP board resources 
  • Merging of data already in SAP

SAP Extract Reporting for full transparency

  • Very easy to reconcile with SAP documents
  • All data from one central source
  • BI system independent and extensible
  • Can be used for any BI system (e.g. Jedox, SAC, Qlik, PowerBI, ...)
  • Extendable with own developments via enhancement points


Download our BI Ready to Run PP Jedox FactSheet


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