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Agile innovation

Successful integration between different systems, whether cloud to cloud or cloud to on-premise, enables smooth processes and creates digital competitiveness in the company. We support you in setting up and suitably extending your integration.

Middleware of the future

SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform Integration is the central link between SAP HANA Cloud and other cloud and on premise solutions. It is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) and part of the HANA Cloud Platform. It is already available to many SAP customers and therefore incurs only low costs in operation. Another advantage is the high data protection and security standards that the Cloud Platform brings with it. As your contact for integration issues, we advise you on choosing the right integration strategy for your processes and company-specific requirements. We answer your questions around architecture (single-tenant vs. multi-tenant), interfaces and licenses/pricing structure.

Vertical and horizontal integration

The integration of SAP and non-SAP solutions has caused headaches for many managers. A well solved integration overcomes system boundaries and enables easy data exchange. End-to-end processes can only be truly mapped if the integration enables a common data base. So, if possible, one should avoid an interface, but integrate directly. For integration, a general distinction is made between two approaches:

  • Smart value creation: horizontal integration along the entire value chain.
  • All in one application: Overview of MES and store floor data directly in your SAP system.

Your advantages through ADVANCED Consulting:

  • Industry expertise: we are at home in the areas of mechanical and plant engineering, the supplier industry, the plastics processing industry, the metal and electrical industry, project-oriented services, the process industry and medical technology
  • Flexible consulting: depending on the task and customer requirements, we solve your problems on-site or remotely, always remaining at eye level
  • Distinctive expertise: our certified experts undergo continuous training to ensure that they always have their finger on the pulse of the times
  • Short coordination paths: our project management enables the balancing act between agile methodology and established structures - without procrastination due to committees and other standstills

Your Contact Person

Günther Müller
Head of Integration

Rheinwaldstraße 38
78628 Rottweil


Tel.: 0741 / 17 44 16-600
Fax: 0741 / 17 44 16-669

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