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Do you have a digital strategy?

Are you spending too much time collecting raw data? The basis for the intelligent enterprise of tomorrow is a suitable and efficient Business Intelligence system. With the tailor-made Business Intelligence solutions made by Advanced Applications, you are always able to get the information you need without time-consuming effort.

Digitization for mid tier organizations

Our idea

Digitization is a radical rethinking of customer experience, business models and operations. It's about finding new ways to create value, generate revenue and optimize productivity - companies are using completely different approaches and technologies to do this. What is key to success for one company may be an additional risk for another. Finding the bouquet of tools in the sea of digital solutions and impulses that will make you successful requires a trained eye. We provide you with independent and goal-oriented advice, be it for internal process automation, the expansion of your product range with digital solutions, or for your digital business model.

Don't miss out!

Particularly in the SME sector, German entrepreneurs are hesitant about digitization. Core topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are downright underestimated. To ensure that you do not miss out on growth opportunities, digitization must be anchored and lived out holistically in the company.
A digital strategy covers five areas, which must be considered individually as well as in interaction with each other:

  1. Strategy and Culture
  2. IT System Landscape
  3. Core Processes
  4. Support Processes in Administration and Document Management
  5. Users

Your advantages through ADVANCED Consulting:

  • Industry expertise: we are at home in the areas of mechanical and plant engineering, the supplier industry, the plastics processing industry, the metal and electrical industry, project-oriented services, the process industry and medical technology
  • Flexible consulting: depending on the task and customer requirements, we solve your problems on-site or remotely, always remaining at eye level
  • Distinctive expertise: our certified experts undergo continuous training to ensure that they always have their finger on the pulse of the times
  • Short coordination paths: our project management enables the balancing act between agile methodology and established structures - without procrastination due to committees and other standstills

Your Contact Person

Andreas Grupp

Rheinwaldstraße 38
78628 Rottweil


Tel.: 0741 / 17 44 16-600
Fax: 0741 / 17 44 16-669

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