HighTech / Electronics

Innovation and personalisation

The HighTech and electronics industry is characterized by digital trends of constant change and increasing demands of end customers. In no other industry is customer experience so decisive for the success of a product. And that is precisely why the SAP system must also be adapted to these challenges. As your 360° partner, Advanced Applications delivers customized solutions for the high-tech and electronics industry.

Industry solution for high-tech and electronics

Your processes

Production level and


  • Product development and conformity
  • Product portfolio and project management
  • Strategic purchasing


  • Needs assessment and information
  • Reaction and delivery planning
  • Sales, inventory and process planning
  • Logistics Execution


  • Operation and maintenance of facilities
  • Production control for industry 4.0
  • Manufacturing plant

Growth through


  • Consent based marketing
  • Marketing optimization
  • Uniform view of customers

Sales results

  • Personalised trade
  • Omnichannel Commerce Management
  • Quota-to-cash
  • Support for sales and distribution channels
  • Control of the sales performance
  • Subscription management

Excellent customer service

  • Field service management
  • Intelligent asset management
  • Omnichannel customer support
  • Provision of services
  • Service Monetisation

Our AddOns for the HighTech / Electronic Industry


  • Inventory with SAP Interactive Forms
  • Integration for the procurement marketplace
  • Scanner-supported inventory
  • Supplier declaration (Adobe Interactive Forms)
  • Non-ferrous metal processing MM
  • Extension for KANBAN in production
  • Advanced Quote
  • High quality illustrated offers


  • Extension for KANBAN in production
  • Integration of machines and sensors via SAP Pco
  • SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization in SAP ERP
  • Integration of machine/production data via web services
  • SAP Advanced Production Scheduling rapid-deployment solution
  • Extension for product configurator
  • Traceability of products


/ Shipping

  • Advanced Pack - packing table solution
  • Non-ferrous metal processing SD
  • Confirmation of receipt in SAP


  • Mail dispatch after SEPA mandate release
  • SEPA / Singe Euro Payments Area
  • advanced calculation • easy cost planning

Your Contact Person

Andreas Grupp

Rheinwaldstraße 38
78628 Rottweil


Tel.: 0741 / 17 44 16-600
Fax: 0741 / 17 44 16-669
E-Mail: service@a2pp.com

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