SAP S/4HANA and Implementation

Don't be afraid of your SAP implementation!

An SAP implementation is a complex project that ties up many resources - but complex does not mean impossible. Your project is in the right hands with our experts! With our implementation method, tailored to the needs of medium-sized companies, we make every project a success.

Your successful SAP implementation



Whether you start from various outdated solutions, a decentralized system landscape or without an ERP system at all - we choose the optimal implementation approach for your goals. Using the proven SAP Activate methodology, we draw on industry-specific best practices for your processes and use the guided setup with tools and accelerators for a fast and, above all, intelligent implementation. Our goal is to work with you to set the strategic course for the future - so that you are sustainably more efficient. With our implementation method tailored to the needs of medium-sized companies, we have so far brought all projects to success in time and budget.

Procedure of an

SAP implementation

The implementation of an SAP system in a company is a tailor-made project that must be individually tailored to the processes, data and applications of the company. We combine the agreement of company goals, infrastructure and software landscape as well as individual project requirements in an integrated overall solution.

  1. Project Preparation
    Definition of project goals and implementation strategy, development of the project plan and team composition
  2. Business Blueprint
    Determination of the business processes to be mapped in the SAP system
  3. Implementation
    Creation, testing and revision of the SAP environment
  4. Preparation for Productive Operations
    User training, data transfer into the production system
  5. Go-live and Support
    Start-up of productive operation, Hypercare, determination of the upgrade and optimization strategy

Your advantages with

ADVANCED implementation:

  • Experience in methodology: We are well versed in both implementation and project management
  • Industry expertise: We are at home in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, the supply industry, the plastics processing industry, the metal and electrical industry, project-oriented services, the process industry and medical technology
  • Short coordination channels: Our project management enables the balancing act between agile methodology and established structures - without being delayed by committees and other downtimes
  • All-rounder: As an SAP Gold Partner, we not only support you in the technical implementation - we are your competent consultant from the very beginning and bring business and technical requirements in line with the budget



Our services for you are adapted to every situation. Our Fit for S/4HANA training course is suitable as an introduction and as a first information event. Current dates can be found in the events section of our homepage.

In addition, we offer workshops to develop a customer-specific migration. The Advanced Steps-to-S/4HANA model consists of an initiation and an evaluation workshop, with which we provide a holistic overview of the penetration of the company with SAP processes, the scope of customer-specific developments, implemented add-ons, interfaces and the number of worldwide covered locations.


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