Business Intelligence

Get the best out of your data!

Are you spending too much time collecting raw data? The basis for the intelligent enterprise of tomorrow is a suitable and efficient Business Intelligence system. With the tailor-made Business Intelligence solutions made by Advanced Applications, you are always able to get the information you need without time-consuming effort.

Launching the digital tomorrow

Your added value

Analysis, reporting and planning provide you with indispensable added value.

  • Process control: Monitor internal processes and identify potential for optimization at an early stage.
  • Cross-system analysis functions: Support your decisions on the basis of data from different systems combined in one database.
  • Planning: You are always able to provide information and recognize trends. This gives you new scope for action and greater future security.
  • Automate planning by integrating AI scenarios

The challenge

At the beginning of every Business Intelligence or Enterprise Performance Management project there are three key questions:

  1. What should be planned / reported?
  2. Which data is required?
  3. Where can this data be found?

The solution:

BI Ready to Run Module

BI Ready to Run modules provide you with 100% consistency, transparency and flexibility - available to all business units: 

  • Sales & Distribution (SD)
  • Inventory management (MM-IM)
  • Procurement / Purchasing (MM-PUR)
  • Project Systems (PS)
  • Cost center planning (CO)
  • production (PP)

Other available modules include Human Resources Management (HCM), Plant Maintenance (PM), Customer Service (CS), Quality Management (QM), Finance (FI), Workflow Management and Liquidity Planning

With the BI Ready to Run modules we offer a BI tool independent data basis for reporting and planning for each SAP module: The data is prepared in SAP in a standardised way so that it can be imported into any BI tool. For the SAP Analytics Cloud as well as Jedox, ready-made ETL paths and reports / dashboards are delivered with the modules.

The system selection

Based on your requirements and system requirements, we help you choose the most suitable BI or EPM tool for you.

Are you looking for a tool to build smart ad-hoc reports based on pure SAP data? Do you want to combine and plan several data sources? Do you want to transform your "Excel hell" into a fancy planning and reporting landscape?

Contact us and find out which solution best suits your requirements.

Your Contact Person

Michael Boger
Director Business Intelligence

Rheinwaldstraße 38
78628 Rottweil


Tel.: 0173 1837657

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